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From Koolnecks Accessories to You!

A little compilation of artistic love!

A little compilation of artistic love!


Why Shop Small, Why Shop Handmade?

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Small business. What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? “Mom and Pop shop”, perhaps…… “Corner store” maybe…..”quality product or service”…… sure! We small business owners can be termed by many things… however, we all know one thing – WE NEED YOU – yes you, our customer. Our loyal friend, who stumbled upon us by a variety of different means. Without you, our most needed asset we simply would not survive. Unlike the “big box stores” who can rely on their name, we need a lot more to standout in an ocean of big guys. As a handmade jewelry store owner and small business owner I know the struggle first hand. I love what I do, don’t get me wrong but it takes much more effort to shine. I do it because I love it, yes I have days…….. hmmm ok, let me change that a bit………. weeks where I am unmotivated or soooo busy with everything else that I do not have to time to “work it” – my business that is. However, I always come back to the simple reason I started this in the first place – I love what I do. Let me hype the inumerable pros of shopping and supporting small business and handmade stores:

– Quality products

– One on one interaction with the shop/store owner, designer and creator

– Eco-friendly

– Knowing that you are getting your real monies worth in a product or service

and the list can go on. Have you ever had the experience of being in a store or shopping online and feeling like you are just a number? Sure, we all have. With small businesses we have to not just be good at whatever it is we do, we have to be GREAT, one bad experience and we can loose a 100 customers – DISASTROUS! So when you shop handmade or shop with a small business you can be assured you will be catered too, and your product will be truly STELLAR! That is why I make it my personal aim to have a great rapport with each customer and not only provide them with an unmatched, quality piece of handmade jewelry, but I also go out of my way to make their experience one that they will remember long after they have left my virtual 4 walls and they will want to shop with me again, and tell everyone they know. So let me introduce you to my shop, if you have not already visited.

In brief: I am Sheena, the owner, designer, maker, and creator or Koolnecks Accessories handmade jewelry. All of my pieces are one of a kind… all unique. They are simple, pretty pieces, made with the utmost care and quality materials. I am an Etsy seller and I also have my own website. My story and my shop has been featured by bloggers and liked over and over by my facebook followers and pinterest followers, not to mention, picsity, wanelo, indiepublic, etc…. I also currently sell my jewelry in one small salon and spa locally on the scenic Eastern Shore of VA. I consider all of my customers and potential customers very important and needed. With that said, feel free to visit my shop, convo me and I always welcome your feedback and suggestions and questions. I look forward to seeing you in shop!! Support handmade! Support small business!!



Remember: NOVEMBER 30, 2013 “SHOP SMALL DAY” 

** I will also be offering coupons and discounts for black friday and cyber monday**