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Mi Amor Para Siempre!

So this past Saturday was my hubby and my anniversary! Always so excited to see another year together and happy!! He is still that perfect guy that I met so many years ago. So this year with the help of a fellow Etsy handmade artist, we collaborated to make a simple, but elegant gift for each other. Here is our unfiltered photo! They are silver wrap rings, metal stamped

“Mi Amor 5-23-98 Para Siempre”

Our custom made wrap rings

Our custom made wrap rings

Pretty & Personalized Wednesday!

It is another week, another Wednesday…. So here is my little piece of inspiration for today! So cute and so trendy right now is all this things…… personalized. We see name rings, name pendants, jewelry with special and personal wording. I have fallen in love with such beautiful and timeless pieces. Little works of art! In my Etsy shop I have number of metal stamped, personalized pieces. So here’s to making it personal or taking it personal. 🙂

Metal stamped and island inspired earrings and pendants!

Metal stamped and island inspired earrings and pendants!