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Friday Sale!

Today only at Koolnecks Accessories we are having a Friday Sale!!

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Let’s get beach vibin’ with sun shiny and islandy handmade jewelry!!

Friday Sale!

Here is the newest listing that you will fall in love with at Koolnecks Accessories!! A great pairing of elegant and edgy!! Combining a beautiful soft sea blue bead with gunmetal silver chain and pendant, you are are sure to have your accessories ROCKED!

Sea Blue Beaded Necklace With Twisted Gunmetal Silver Leaf

#Beach Inspiro

The warm breeze, the beautiful rays of the sun, the longer days, the super warm sand between your toes, the sound of light waves crashing against the shoreline, palm trees swaying gently with the toss of the summer air………. all of these things are the things that get me going. The things that inspire me. You’ve seen those bumper stickers that say…… something like…..”I’d rather be fishing” or “I’d rather be golfing.” Well my bumper sticker (if I had one) would definitely say……..”I’d rather be laying on the beach under a palm tree.”  Ahhh, island girl blood all the way.

So with that I decided to do a couple new pieces. Colorful, bright and truly adorable. I hope you like. There are more to come!

Blue Stone Necklace With Silver Leaf Pendant, Handmade

Blue Stone Necklace With Silver Leaf Pendant, Handmade