“Studio Time”

some shell drilling

some shell drilling

It’s always fun to work on new pieces. Wouldn’t you agree? To be able to be in your own world – you and your art. No matter how awesomely ginormous or how teenie tiny small your studio space may be…………. It’s yours!! The perfect balance of unbelievable calm and mind boggling excitement is wrapped up in your studio space. It’s always a new experience to be able to see at the end what comes out of your work. Many times there is that one idea that I am starting with, foot set to begin that small journey, then as the trek moves, it may take turns; I may change gears and see that a different technique would be better for this particular necklace or these earrings. Maybe not silver but antique gold, maybe not this particular wire but instead a lighter medium of stringing material. No matter what it may be, the end result is always…. well a total treat for me and I get a rush looking at what I did! So with that little tidbit, I thought it would be fun to to post some little “Studio Time” pics. Yes, my little studio, nothing fancy, nothing “good graciously” big…. but it is mine!! It is my little world of jewelry making and it’s busting with supplies of ALL kinds lol, tons of ideas, fun and passionate work!!


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