…Us Two Etsians

"Big Burger"

“Big Burger”

Hi again, Sheena here! Creativity I always say seems to come in spurts…… ok so that is not the case for everyone. But humor me a little here, if that is ok?! 🙂 Like all the great musicians, writers, producers, and artists, of all kinds. I’d imagine they all from time to time have had a short run with the “Nothings” yep, the “NOTHINGS” (remember I told you all I was the Queen of all words made up, you were forwarned, LOL). The “Nothings” a bit of a dry spell if you will, where even if they were not fresh out of ideas they may have been short on creative, new, fresh ideas, or at least ways of bringing those ideas to the the greatness that they are usually known for. I for one have spurts of “nothings” often, and my dear, sweet and so fabulous artist of a hubby has them too. Or sometimes what brings on a case of the “Nothings” is when the day to day things push out the time for creativity and expression, rendering one with a case of the “Nothings”. So it has been a pleasant and fun run now that we are having a world of creativity and opportunities to express those creative ideas. Goodbye “Nothings”…. or at least for the time being. So I would like to give a warm and proud nod to my hubby and his new pieces. He has been working on a couple pieces, completed them, photoed them, and got them beautifully listed on Etsy in his shop – http://www.officearton.etsy.com. He does a lot of work in pastel and the pieces tend to take on a life that only he can breathe into them. I am sooo proud of him. So take a peeksy, I am sure you will like.



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