Personalized Pop!

Metal Stamped Earrings! ** Photo is sample

Metal Stamped Earrings!
** Photo is sample

Hi All!! It has been a little while, but it has been well worth it. I am happy…… Ok, you got me, ecstatic to say that I have finally put my new metal stamping kit to use! When it came to my door I was like “YEAAAAAAAHHH!!!” I unwrapped like a kid with a new present. I took out all the new pieces, looked everything over, and…….you guessed it – waited. Waited. Waited for what? you ask, …(shrugged shoulders like a little kid clueless as to something). I really don’t know what I waited for. I sat it on my desk in my office/studio (of course shared with my artsy pants and fellow Etsy seller hubby). It sat for a while each day I looked at it and with a burst of excitement I said “I can’t wait to use that!”. So finally my hubby, the thoguhtful and wonderful guy that he is, brought home a small little package for me. It was a set of silver blanks, metal stamping blanks for me to get started on for practice, and there it was my umph that was needed to “finally use that thing”. LOL I practiced and practiced and practiced (more like a world wind crash course in metal stamping). Yes people, I did it! I made a little tag for my babygirl Willow to go on her collar, then I made some earrings for me and decided to use those as a springboard for my very first Etsy listing for metal stamped and personalized jewelry! Sooooo………… here it is. I’d love to hear what you think, may I ever so kindly ask for your valuable feedback, please? Pretty pretty “personalized” please? You can visit my Etsy shop, our shoot a response right here on my blog or on my facebook page. I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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