Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Chalk Pastel

Chalk Pastel

I am soooooo excited!!! Ok so first off……… apologies for my long hiatus from posting anything. I have been going through some ideas in my head on what would be my next blog post. To say the least I came up with nothing truly “post worthy” (you remember my shpeel on my passion for “post worthy” writing?! Yeah you do!). Now! Yes, now here is my next post worthy segment – My hubby!!!!! Ok so altogether now – HIP HIP HOORAY!! and again HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Why, you ask all the excitement? Why, you ask all the “hip hip hoorays”? Well let me tell you – my artsy and quite talented and hard working hubby has finally decided to jump in to the world Etsy and open a shop!! Yeah, I know, I am so happy, he has been talking about it for soooo long and saying he would and then waiting then saying ok “I’m ready” then still not dipping that first “listing toe” into the marketplace waters. But now, finally he did it. Of course, he solicited his wonderful wife’s help 🙂 Of course, it is my wonderful, excitedly thrilling pleasure!!! 🙂 So again, why the hip hip hoorays? Need I say more?! Didn’t think so.

So with that being said I plan on doing a series of blog features on my dear, sweet and artsy hubby. Here is a brief intro. My hubby, James has been an artist for as long as he has been alive 🙂 One of the things that impressed me about him in college was his art. For long hours he would be in studio on campus creating some of the most pretty, unique and beautiful pieces of artwork. Art went a bit on the back burner when we got married and we had to “make a living”. I remember him saying “the phrase starving artist is quite true”. Though on the back burner it never left his heart. It is a sweet relaxation for him, an outlet from the “norm” a “getaway” from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. When I opened my Etsy shop he was very interested in supporting me (and still is), at that time we talked about him selling on Etsy as well. Like I mentioned above it was just past time conversation for a while, until now. So he asked me to get him going with his Etsy shop and hop to it I did! His shop name: OfficeArtOn as in OfficeArtOn.etsy.com He plans on focusing on artwork for offices and restaurants. I am looking forward to working alongside him in this endeavor. Now we got two Etsy sellers under this little roof!!! Hmmmm…………… now only if I could get our little doxie Willow and our turtle Kauai on the bandwagon LOL. Ok so ta ta for now!!


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