Going For The Gold!

“Going For The Gold”

What does that term conjure up in your mind? Hmm…. maybe a runner on an Olympic stage, a track or how about a swimmer neck to neck, head to head with his/her competition. Strenuously making each and every calculated stride to win. To in effect attain that prize – A gold medal. That medal to them may represent so many things!

In our field, as handmade artisans and business owners, our “Gold” is success! Each person’s view of success may differ, just like each olympians’ view of what that medal means to them. For me, my gold is success in executing the “perfect” piece of handmade wearable eye candy, whether it is a gorgeous choker or too cute earrings. I also find success and count it a tremendous honor for someone to choose to purchase from me over a big box retailer or any other handmade jewelry artist. With such an endless sea of sellers, brands, price points, stores, etc to choose from, it is a fabulous and “happy dance worthy” experience for me each and every time. I also find success in each new follower, or like or comment I receive! I am totally grateful and reeling each time. So yes “going for the gold” – I am always on the race track always in motion……… .like I always say I look forward to my continuous journey!!


Laugh, Love & Dream!


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