My Muse!

My Muse!

It’s been a little while…. you all know how I am, LOL i guess by now, right?! I am not a “scheduled” “regular” blogger. I have to be…. inspired to blog, to write, to ………….well…. have something “write-worthy” or better yet – “post worthy”. Ok, so totally made up phrase; my wonderfully supportive hubby always laughs because he says that I am the “Queen” of all words “made up”, LOL. I where that crown proudly!!

Ok, so I had something of post-worthiness today- Inspiration. Yes INSPIRATION. What inspires you? What inspires each person is so drastically different from person to person. I have always known that music is my “inspiration”, my “muse”, my “motivation” for so many things. I am one of those girls who can not clean the house without music in the background… when I say can not I mean capital CAN NOT (yep), i have no vavoom without music! So I am sitting here with all kinds of jewelry making ideas in my head and Pandora playing my favs music-wise. The mood of each song puts a new idea in my mind. I have started on a really nice cultured pearl necklace and a set of matching earrings…………… I have a little more to go – I need to get the specific findings to finish it off. quite proud of it I am!! I realized that I whenever I am making jewelry I crank up the music as well and sing as I work. So it got me thinking…… I wonder how many other artists do the same? And if so, what kind of music gets you inspired? If music is not necessarily your muse, what is? Can you work without it, or can you work successfully without it? It has been said that music is like a tie for all humans, it’s the international tongue, so to speak. It surpasses boundaries of all varied kind. It tames, calms, invigorates, renews, gets you up shaking a leg or settles you down into a warm comfy spot, it can make the heart weep orlaugh, it can repair the torn. Sooooo………………yes, I thought I’d share my deeply loved and inspirational friend – MUSIC!  

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