Creativity on Ice!

It is quite a cold day. Quite a bit unusual for our area. I am swirling with ideas for jewelry designs in my head, a new line of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, all in the color of the year. I had never really paid attention to a “Color Of The Year” before becoming a jewelry maker, designer and owner of my own handmade jewelry business. Now I pay attention. How about you? Are you affected by trends – color, style, material, etc trends? If so, to what degree? My designs are based on what I like and what gets me excited to create. It doesn’t hurt that this year’s color is in my fav color range :)) and anyone that knows me, knows i love, love, love orchids….. LOL as you can see from my shop banner, my blog banner and my fb banner….yep – Perfect!!  🙂 Soooo, that got me thinking of incorporating a line of handmade jewelry,  based on Radiant Orchid in my etsy shop. Right now, though…. my creativity is a bit on “ice”. Literally………… yeah like frozen solid. No worries….. my “hop to it-ness” is not far off. So, stay tuned for my radiant orchid treats to show up in my shop!!!

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