2014 Is Upon Us!

Iridescent pink cube earrings10adjusted

Wow it felt like just yesterday that I was looking at my new calender with it saying January 2013! Where in the world did this year go?! It is almost mind boggling. Well here we have it and January 2014 is just around the corner……………. yep literally around the corner. Like next week. So I was thinking what are my business goals for 2014…………….. Hmmmm…

1. To create a new line with the color of the year “Radiant Orchid”, it is funny I never even knew there was such a thing before. LOL

2. To sell at a craft fair – that would make my second

3. To successfully make some sales on Etsy

I am having trouble with my “dreamy goals” and my “realistic expectation goals”. Have you ever had the same problem? So I decided I will actually put pen to paper on my realistic goals and well…… as for my dreamy goals…………………. Mmm you never know I may meet those too. Wow that would be………….. AWESOME!!!!

So what are some of your goals for 2014?

Happy sales to all!!!!!


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