My First Show!

Today, May 4, 2013, was another milestone for me and my shop Koolnecks Accessories. I thought I’d share. I have been eyeing craft shows for a little while and made some inquiries, talked to my hubby about it and planned to eventually do one. Yeah, eventually…………….hmmm

Ok so a lady saw my jewelry display at the shop and picked up one of my business cards. She called about two weeks ago and left a message for me, you know explaining who she was and why she was calling. When I listened to the message, I got all excited!!! I then thought “ok, let me calm down, call her and get more info”. Right?! So that is what I did. It turns out that she is a breast cancer survivor. She has had it more than once. WOW! I called her the next day to discuss the program and she told me, in brief, her story. How breast cancer and breast cancer awareness and early detection is her passion now since her ordeal. She stated that each year she puts on a program, a “Women’s Expo” where she invites vendors, and businesses to setup at a location. There are speakers and info on breast cancer and it is in conjunction with and support of the Susan G Komen foundation. She asked me if I wanted to participate as a vendor. I jumped at the opportunity. I told her that cancer, is also near to me, because of losing my dear, wonderful grandmother to it and then losing my mother in law to it. So I was definitely interested.

I was nervous and excited….. all rolled into one, since this was my first event and I did not know what to expect. I, of course, reached out to my awesome Etsy team members for help and advice on preparing for a show and what to expect, what to do. Everything from decorating my booth, to pricing to… name it, I needed help. I got loads of help and much questions answered. So with the support of my mom, my hubby (who was up late preparing my signage and etc.) and my team members I think today’s show went very well. I got the experience of doing a show, lots of inquiries as to my handmade jewelry, I even got a custom order and sales. So I think it was a success!! I also got an invite back to next year’s event and invitations for other events that will be taking place. I am soooooo excited and sooooo tired. LOL But I just had to share. I will be posting some pics 🙂


One thought on “My First Show!

  1. Congrats on the craft show! I am definitely not that brave yet 🙂 Found you on etsy 🙂 Love your jewelry!


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