As you all know as an artist, artisan, creator……..we all love to make things that we can smile on, things that we are proud to call our own, things that we love. A side benefit, if you will, is that others will love those things too and find beauty in them. I have been told of the good feeling that comes with having someone say “that is so pretty, I would love to have that!” As a handmade jewelry artist and maker I love to make things that have an imprint of a little of “me”. As you all know I sell at a store (yes a physical store) but my love and desire and work for a while now has been as an etsy seller. I love etsy! Well tonight – March 28, 2013, I got my first etsy sale! Ok so I did the happy dance, I yelled and screamed, my husband laughed my mom screamed a proud “get-outta-here!” at me and I was sooo excited I got my little doxie all worked up and barking at like almost 11 at night! LOL Overboard……………hmmmmm………..naaahhh. Happy and celebrating my little milestone….or my long awaited milestone. And yes I had to share!


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