With My Head In The Sand

With My Head In The Sand

It has been a lazy day………..How much can you get done in one day? How do you prioritize your day? It seems like there is always so much to do. We rush from one activity to the next…..sometimes in an unconscious haze. Have you ever driven some distance and when you arrive at your destination, wonder……”wow, how’d i get here so quickly…I wasn’t even paying attention!” See, yes unconscious haze. Well, why is it that we do not stop, or wait, let me change that wording……….why is it that we CAN”T stop and take a look at the beauty that is around us. Smell the roses, as the saying goes. Do we even want to smell the roses? LOL some may say no, but for the most part and for most of us, we wish we could. It seems like life is dictated by stuff, by obligations, by time frames, by deadlines, by other people and others things that pull and yank on our time. It is sad………..is this what we call “progress”? I remember hearing my grandmother and great aunties talk about the times when they used to sit on the porch, when they would be able to take their time and enjoy the simple things of life. In this busy, techno world, I long to live in the “simple” the “slow” the time and place where I can “smell the roses” and enjoy the breeze (and actually notice that there was a breeze that just tossed my hair). Hmmmmm…………I can dream, can’t I?

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