A Bit Of The Eeyores

A Bit Of The Eeyores

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like………..you can’t go even one more step? You are so overwhelmed by whatever you are going through, you are so worn, so beaten, so…………….yes…. that even the mere thought of taking one more step makes you weak? Sometimes, we have one of those days, or one of those weeks.

We are always “going” nonstop, it seems, that at times you just can’t stand anymore. Have you gotten past one of those times and then look back and say “………..wow, how’d I do it?” Yes, I just thought I would ask that question. Even “well oiled machines” slow down and need a little re-oiling, a little work, right?!

As you know, I love creating, I love to sit down and spend time putting into form what is in my mind and heart. I use my hands to make pieces of island inspired handmade artisan jewelry. I however, have been having a bit of creators’ block. Yes………..much like writers’ block. My “get up and go”, has gotten up and gone. A lot has been going on, and sometimes when that is the case it can impede the creative juices…………………..I think that is the case. Does anyone know what I am talking about? So I have to draw on my inspiration, I have work on being re-oiled 🙂

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