Mini Milestones and Smiles

As you probably have noticed I am not a “regular” blogger…………like the post something everyday kinda blogger. I have to have something to share, something that I…………..hmmmmm………..consider “shareworthy”. That is probably not a real word, like a real, official, websters dictionary kind of real word. Nevertheless it is totally me!! LOL So yes, today I have something that I think is shareworthy.  As everyone knows I sell on Etsy. I love etsy and have grown to love it even more. Well I have been quite excited because over the last month I have gotten a tremendous amount of views to my little shop!! No I have not made like 100’s of sales or nothing like that, but views means more exposure. So I have been experiencing the excited giggles, kinda like a kid who has that “excited, giggley, happy wide eyed excitement!” Then today I met a fellow seller on etsy, who like me, just started blogging and she checked out my blog and began following me!! Her blog is sooooo nice, btw, and I began following her!!! AHHHHHH

You know it has been sooo nice to be able to meet a community of fellow artisans who love what they do. It is a rarity to be able to say you truly love what you do……………..So to be able to connect and interact with those who have a love for the arts and handmade, like I said fellow artisans, in this case Etsians, it has been awesome and exciting. Of course, to also have customers is a wonderful feeling, but it is like the icing on the cake! So with that being said I am going to enjoy the happy bliss of having my first “follower” to my blog!!

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