“Learning As I Go”

I am learning as I go! It is exciting and fun and insightful. When I decided to start selling my handmade jewelry I thought……………”hmmm, neat idea!” I thought it would be easy, you know…….”I think of a design, buy my supplies, make that particular piece, and badda bing badda boom! It’s sold.” Silly me…….I left out an important thought – “the who”. As in who am I selling it too, yeah………my well, now I feel all businessy saying this, but my “customer”. So being the overly shy girl I am, I of course had not talked to anyone except the obvious – my husband and my family. I made a couple earrings for my mom and she loved them, and wore them. Well, by her wearing them, a couple of her friends complimented her on her jewelry, and she was my advertising, LOL. My husband, also huge help and being unshy (hmmm…not techinically word, but nevertheless, MY word) he talked to someone he knew and before you know it, I had a contract with a salon to set up a jewelry display in her shop!! Yeay!!!! I started getting a couple pieces together and a display idea. Well to fast forward……with a few tweaks I have sold a couple pieces from the shop. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I am ready to quit my day job or nothin’ like that, but it is a step. I also got familiar with Etsy and set up a shop and called it……drum roll………dah dah dah yeah of course “Koolnecks Accessories”. I have gotten a lot of views and visits to my shop, but no sales yet from my etsy shop. Funny, though I would LOVE to have sales, for the fact that people are “coming in through my virtual shop door” has me all “goosebumpy” and what not!!! 🙂 I have discovered the etsy community and have been enjoying my teammates and all their advice and how they too are having the same beginning struggles but all excited too………….it’s sooooooo fun!!!

Well, I know it has been a while since my last post, so I wanted to check in and update what’s been going on. Soooooo until next time…………



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