Rainy days always get me down………….

Rainy days always get me down.............

There was a song I remembered………”rain drops keep falling on my head, but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red” (I looked it up and his name was BJ Thomas – the guy who sang that song)and “…rainy days and mondays always get me down..” (The Carpenters). I love music, lyrics are often so appropriate to pinning down words to your feelings. Ok so back to this rainy days deal…… my husband has often said I am solar powered, LOL. I guess he is right. Rainy days make me drag, feel sad and blue. Sometimes for no apparent reason. Today, though rainy and cloudy, is not a monday. It’s a tuesday……….hey ever notice how fast the time flies and how quickly the days go by?!

Reasons I am not a fan of cloudy, rainy days
1) they are SAD and RAINY
2) totally makes for bad hair days
3) even my little Willow looks down on those days…..she also does this really weird tip toey, eeeek kinda walk on her “potty stroll” in the yard. Almost like she is thinking “eeeewww, it’s all wet and…and…and I’m supposed to go out here?………eeeekkkk!”

Well so much for wanting all days to happy and sun shiny, right?!


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